The popularity of Fire Emblem, a fantasy game first released in 1990, has led to the launch of different RPGs. Although the game is almost three decades old, still it enjoys massive popularity. And there are many players who are on the lookout for Fire Emblem similar games. If you also belong to the same category, we have got you covered.

In this article, we have listed down the best games like Fire Emblem. Continue reading to know more!

Fire Emblem Similar Games List

The Banner Saga Trilogy

The Banner Saga is set in fantasy with dragons and knights. It is no less than a treat for lovers of adventure and action genres.

In this game, giants and humans stand united against Dredge – an ancient evil. This game is going to really test your analytical and strategy making skill as it requires the player to make different decisions that hold critical importance. One wrong decision and you are likely to lose a character permanently if you have been defeated in a battle. 

The story is told through enticing cutscenes, similar to that of Sleeping Beauty by Disney and Lord of the Rings.

The Valkyria Chronicles Series

Initially, you wouldn’t find The Valkyria Chronicles Series to be similar to Fire Emblem. However, as you will proceed, you will find out why we have listed it among the best games like Fire Emblem. It’s the character development and interactions that make both these games similar.

Valkyria Chronicles by Saga is a turn-based game, but it doesn’t feature a conventionally used grid-based system. This is how it is different from the rest of the games on the list. Apart from this, there’s another feature that sets this game apart from the rest. It combines third-person movement along with real-time aiming. Furthermore, the art style is fantastic as well. All these features combined have helped it get the popularity it enjoys. 

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Into The Breach

Into The Breach is developed by Subset Games after they enjoyed massive success with their debut game. This, however, was their first attempt at a turn-based strategy game, and similar to their previous release, it was a success as well.

Famous with both avid gamers and critics (which is a rarity), Into The Breach tells the story of how giant creatures that are breeding under the earth are threatening human civilization. The idea is novel, and so it’s the gameplay. As a player, you will have to control mechs that have come from the future to combat the aliens and protect your cities. During this quest, you will face a host of challenges, which make this game more fun and exciting. 

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Another tactical role-playing, turn-based Fire Emblem similar games, Shadowrun: Hong Kong is set in 2056 in the free enterprise zone in Hong Kong. 

The story revolves around our main character, who was an orphan living in Seattle with Duncan, his foster brother. Raymond Black adopted them, but they soon get separated as our player gets arrested. For 8 years, he remained imprisoned in a corporate prison. Once he is free, he gets a message from his adoptive father to see him in Hong Kong. There, he meets his adoptive brother, but there’s no sign of his father. 

The quest to find their father and numerous other investigations is what keeps the interest of the gamers alive throughout the gameplay. The game doesn’t exactly feature innovative RPG elements, but the intriguing storyline and the presentations make up for it. The characters click instantly, and the future version of Hong Kong also deserves special mention.

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Mario + the Rabbids Kingdom Battle

It goes without saying that Maris Bros is one of the favorite games. Thus, a crossover with another game was both a brave and risky initiative, which, however, turned out to be a massive success. Inspired by Fire Emblem and Advance Wars, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle doesn’t really feature a great story, which other RPGs have, but it comes with a great soundtrack and various maps. 

It is basically a tactical strategy title that revolves around Mario and his friends (Princess Peach, Yoshi and Luigi). They team up with four Rabbids. The ultimate mission is to fight against enemy Rabbids. 

There are different campaigns in this game. You can try the single-player one in which you will have to control Beep-0, a robot. There will be three other characters in your team that you will have to lead. The game is split into four worlds, which are further divided into chapters. In every chapter, there are battles, puzzles and various other exciting features. 

A Final Word

There you have it! This is our list of best games like Fire Emblem. Available on different platforms, you can play these games and enjoy a great time with your friends. 

By Ashley