Technology is becoming so advanced everyday everyone is using a smartphone. Either people have an iOS or Android enabled operating systems smartphones. It is possible to earn money by using your smartphones and you can always make more than your basic salary with it. This is the extra money you see for special needs and purposes. People all around the world are taking help from these gadgets and earning cash every day. There are several ways that can help you to do that. You can do it either via freelance work, making money with YouTube and many other things. Smartphones have handy apps that are installed and help you make money easily. As the job search has increased the unavailability of jobs has made people take smart decisions in their life. Some of these ways that you can make money using your smartphones include:

  • Answering survey questions
  • As a Freelancer
  • Field agent
  • Online customer service
  • Virtual assistant
  • Digital marketing
  • Playing games
  • Watching videos etc.

You can either opt for it as a full time job or you can make your basic money or be a part time worker.

Answering survey questions:

Answering survey questions is probably the easiest and least time taking way to make money. You do not have to be a PhD Holder in order to answer survey questions. You just have to have the basic knowledge of things and you can answer the service that can help you make money easily. Everyone knows that surviving on basic salary is becoming impossible every day as the world is progressing and people are moving towards better life standards and style. That is why it is suggested that you make extra money with these small things.


This is one of the surest ways to make money using your smartphone or your laptop. you just need a good device and a good Internet connection. There are several writing jobs and data entry jobs too. There are also sites that pay you for writing or doing any kind of service for anyone. Fiverr,, and People per hour and so on. These sites pay very good rewards for your work. There is no scam in these apps and they pay very well money for your good work.

Surfing the web and watching videos online:

There are several websites and apps that pay you good money for just being on their sites. The only thing you have to do is watch their video clips and advertising clips etc.


Swagbucks is one of the most popular apps where you can make money by shopping, watching videos while answering paid service. You can redeem your money through PayPal or gift cards after doing all of this.


Fronto is another app that allows you to read articles, blogs and reviews etc. that helps you earn points. You can earn bonus points for downloading free apps etc. and then redeem them afterwards.

Sell items:

You can sell items you don’t need any more and get money out of them and you are not in need of anything anymore you can sell it on various sites and get money. You just have to take clear pictures of what you want to sell and put it online along with the price tag on your phone number. People will get back to you and you can sell it to them.

Play Games:

Game lovers can also earn money no. There are games that help you earn money online when you win the competition. Qriket is an app that helps you spin a wheel and win money. It is not a great money making app but you will get a decent amount through it.

Download apps and earn:

There are apps that give you rewards for downloading and keeping them on your smartphone. The research companies collect data and fear what people are doing and how people are downloading the app. Companies put them online and see what and how people react to them uninstalling it for how long in their smartphones.


These are some of the easy ways to earn money online. Extra is always better and you can make money easily by following all these methods.

By Ashley