there are several apps that are very helpful for everyday purposes. The reason why everyone has started depending on smartphones is because it has made lives easier. In the tasks that used to be very difficult are sold within minutes with the help of smartphones that is why everyone has been depending on them and their life cannot seem to function if their smartphones are taken away from them. Let us have a look at some of those apps that are commonly used by everyone and analyze why the new generation cannot live without smartphones.


The navigation feature is one of the most useful features in smartphones. If you are stuck somewhere your smartphone will be able to guide you to your destination or who will stop the feature is so helpful that it will notify you and give you instant directions to help you reach your destination by telling you the time it will take to reach there. It will also be able to suggest the most optimum route telling you about the traffic conditions and making sure that you recharge time. Maps also suggests you with the best suitable option of travel i.e., walking, travelling or car.

Social Media

Because of the current generation thriving on social media, it is just as important to them as food. Social media helps you connect with your friends and their friends as well. The reason why people are obsessed with it because they strive for the social acceptance of others. It does help you make good friends, and you can also stay connected with the world and whatever is happening in it with the help of social media. Some of the most famous apps that are used every day by almost everyone is WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.


Social media compliments cameras and vice versa. They are like best friends who cannot live without each other. As social media helps you connect with the world so it is not possible for you don’t have a camera on your phone with which you can snap and upload it to show others. Some people prefer clicking pictures of themselves, some people try to capture the beauty of nature others try to capture their friends and so on. It is like a global communion of everyone on our same platform. Also, if you are having issues with your phone camera, get it checked at the nearest phone repair shop.

Online Shopping

People have been surviving on shopping therapy. There are various helpful applications like Amazon, Alibaba open Flipkart that makes you shop anywhere in the world. There are simple apps that may allow you to instantly call and drag your package when you order it. As compared to the previous generation, online shopping is more prominent among the people of this generation since they do not have the time to physically go and shop. They prefer that they buy anything they want, online.


People all around the world play games to alleviate boredom. Gaming consoles have been reducing galore as powerful smartphones are coming into the picture. These are a good time pause if you want to spend it with your friends. It also improves your reaction time and hand and eye coordination. A smartphone is portable than your desktop or your console that is why people are shifting on smartphones for playing games as well. You can download games no matter where you are and play them at your ease.

Calendar and Alarms

Smartphones make you get organized. With the help of calendar and alarm apps you can render the concept of a diary or alarm clocks obsolete. You can just jot down things in your notepad on your smartphone and set reminders or be alarmed if you have to meet a person or you have to go somewhere. It is that easy.

With all of these coming in so handy, why would not the new generation be obsessed with smartphones. As The apps have been really helpful that is why a young generation depends a whole lot on them and why would they not be when they can invest a little and get too much out of a thing. It is not bad keeping a smartphone but the only thing that should be kept in mind is that everything should be used with balance. New generation should be told by their elders that excess of everything is bad and they should limit the use to a certain extent.

By Ashley

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