Every once in a while, a game developer comes up with a game that becomes addictive. Before Apex Legends and Fortnite, we had Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG). PUBG requires no introduction. Released in 2017, it quickly became an intense addiction for all mobile gamers.

After so many years, still, PUBG is a powerhouse in the gaming world. The PUBG Mobile is a free to play game that has plenty of users, even more than Fortnite. A little hard to believe, right? Well, it is true. PUBG mobile is popular in Asian countries, especially in China, Pakistan, and India.

People have become obsessed with PUBG to an extreme extent. In India, a 20-year-old boy died because of playing the game for over 45 days. That is why extreme measures have to be taken.

If you, your child, or any of your loved ones are addicted to PUBG, you must help them eliminate your game addiction. But how will you do that?

In this post, we have created a guide to help you combat PUBG addiction.

Signs of PUBG Addiction

For those who don’t know, game addiction is a mental health condition recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). Pay attention to these warning signs.

  • Loses Interest in Other Activities- it is a common sign of game addiction. The gamer will only focus on playing the game. They might even forget to eat. They no longer do things that they loved to do.
  • Continuously Playing Game- another sign of game addiction is playing the game despite the adverse effect. Usually, the grades, relationships, or employment suffer because of continuously playing games.
  • No Control- it is impossible for the gamer to restrict their gameplay. Most of the time, gamers are unable to control their game time.

The warning signs are not limited to just these. There are other signs as well such as feeling bad when not playing the game, unable to play less or quit, playing more games to feel good, thinking about the game all the time, being deceptive, and using games for easing bad feelings and moods.

It is not that simple to label someone. Some people are just gaming enthusiasts. Seeing this problem in yourself is not that easy. The time you are spending on gaming might just seem fine to you. You must ask people who are close to you. You can even ask yourself some questions.

Is gaming getting in between important things like your job, school, or relationship? If yes, then you might have a game addiction. You must think about cutting back your game time.

As a parent, if you think your kid has PUBG game addiction, you must look at the grades and relationships with family and friends. In case the kid has good grades and good relations with family, then gaming is not the problem.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Game Addiction?

Now that you know about the warning signs, you must not waste time. We recommend taking action quickly.

Look for More Interesting Activities

It is not as easy as it seems. Keeping them away from the game is challenging, but you have to do it. You can take them outside and spend more in nature. Or you can find some competitive activities like sports. Increase their interactions with other people.

Restrict Game Time

You have to do this strictly. If your kid is over 12 years, you must limit the game time to 2 hours a day. Make sure they do their homework first. We advise having a family screen time deal.

Communication is the Key

First of all, you should never call them names like an addict. That is because it will create more conflicts in the family. An important thing to keep in mind is that rapport is crucial as it will help in promoting trust. You need trust for leverage and leverage can help influence. You must spend more time with them. You can go for a hike or to the park on weekends. It is better to change your parenting style and communication method.

In the end, PUBG addiction, or game addiction in general, is not something you must not take lightly. Try these ways to help your kid over this addiction.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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