For all the action seekers out there, Diablo provides a complete spectrum of action closure to supernatural suspense. It is an action role-playing hack and slashes dungeon crawler game series. The Diablo series is set in a dark fantasy sanctum, filled with a wide range of characters including humans, angels, demons, and monsters.

The first three sequels of Diablo are arranged in similar geographical locations such as the Town of Tristram and Mount Arreat. The game essentially targets the conflict between humans living in a sanctuary and a pack of demons who are led by Diablo: the overarching foe, in which humans are frequently aided by angels to free the town from hell spawned evil.

Diablo I was released in January 1997 which was followed by further two sequels namely, Diablo II and Diablo III. Diablo IV is still under development which is not expected to be released any time soon.

The reason for Diablo’s popularity is that it’s an evergreen game. You can always come back from the hard-core mind-boggling gaming to the Diablo game series where you get lots of loot from magical treasure chests and explore numerous hidden areas. It’s a multiplayer as well as a solo game. You can play with up to 3 friends or if you’re an odd time antisocial gamer, you can explore the chaotic world of humans and demons alone.

It has a comforting conscience with zero ambiguity. In simple words, you’re the good guy killing bad guys i.e. demons, zombies, ghosts, and monsters with a twist of meteor showers, whirlwinds, and magical spells!

The prevalence of Diablo sequels in gaming society has led to the publication of several books that are relevant to this game. Not only that, a lot of other games like Diablo have been introduced as well. This speaks volumes of its popularity.

Diablo Similar Games on PC List

Path of Exile

This is probably the most reputed game on this list as it is a fully-fledged alternative to Diablo. It is free to play but of course, does not provide a premium experience like Diablo. Although, it is updated now and then, for massive expansions.

Victor Vran

Victor Vran has the player playing as a demon hunter to wipe out the evil and whatnot. It has a parallel plot as Diablo, with amendments to lighten the tone of the game.

Diablo Similar Games on PS4

Titan Quest

With a unique user interface, Titan Quest is a Diablo clone whose story will take more than 30 hours to complete in a one way go.

Warhammer: Chaosbane

It is a dark hack and slashes action RPG that apes Diablo. Depending upon the character you choose out of four, you might have magic at your disposal or skills that make your enemies bleed.

Diablo Similar Games on Android


Drawing signs on mobile screens to cast spells is one of the most unique features offered by this game. The warrior, the mage, and the bounty hunter are three classes among which you can play.

Angel stone RPG

Another Diablo-like game with more than 30 missions to accomplish, invites you to play as one of the three leagues which include, the berserker, the gunslinger, or the shadow mage.

Diablo Similar Games on IOS

Wayward Souls

If you’re curious what Diablo might have looked like if it had been developed in the 1980s, consider playing Wayward Souls. Its compromises of retro style plunged with rogue features such as permadeath.


This game captures the fast-paced thrill of Diablo with plenty of challenges. It was originally released on Xbox 360 but later switched on IOS with better controls to work on the touch screen.

Diablo Similar Games on Nintendo Switch

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

It is an adventure of teamwork. For instance, one of your heroes must distract an enemy, and the other might move behind to complete a task.

Grave Keeper

You play as a bounty hunter and have stepped into the forbidden stronghold. Grave Keeper is a hack and slash game about the fight against the skeleton king, in a fantasy world.

Upcoming Diablo Like Games

Last Epoch

This game is still in its early development stages but from all the news we have heard, Last Epoch adds time travel to the dark thrilling equation of Diablo.

Magic: Legends

Diablo-style battles with a mixture of merry magic are all that we know about this game. It is expected to release in the middle of the on-going year.

Diablo Frequently Asked Questions

What game genre is Diablo?

Diablo is an action role-playing hack and slashes video game.

What should I play instead of Diablo?

Path of Exile, Victor Vran, Titan Quest II, Eternium, Angel stone, Warhammer, Bastion, Grave keeper is all an alternative to Diablo with minor changes in either graphics or storyline.

Is Baldur’s Gate like Diablo?

Baldur’s Gate might have a similar theme as Diablo, but each of them is very different in aspect. Since Diablo falls in the hack and slash category, Baldur’s Gate is much more of a traditional RPG.

Can I play Diablo for free?

Yes! It is completely free to play except for some in-app, optional purchases.

Why is it called Diablo?

The game is named after the villain of the story. Diablo is the Lord of Terror and an incredibly powerful demon. The whole story of the game revolves around Diablo, gaining and refraining strength.

There you have it! These are some of the popular games like Diablo 3 available on different platforms.

By Ashley