If you are like me, obsessed with games like Final Fantasy Tactics, then this article is for you. A kind of turn-based game, Final Fantasy Tactics has remained my favorite game since childhood. I have been playing it every day, every year.

Playing FFT over and over, I thought, why I don’t give a try to other games similar to FFT. Thus, in this piece of writing, I have reviewed some of the top games like Final Fantasy Tactics. 

Here is my list of top 3 Final Fantasy Tactics similar games!

1: Vagrant Story:

Have you ever wonder how wars were fought during the medieval ages? In this game, you will experience wars like medieval ages with shields, swords, and other Stone Age weapons. You will face enemies in the form of bandits, guards, and monsters to fight. 

The vagrant story is a game that has the heart of millions of followers who love to play Final Fantasy Tactics. This game is produced by Square, and it was released for PlayStation 3.

This gameplay will give you an exciting gaming experience with the 3D gaming actions of the characters. However, the storyline isn’t extraordinary that competes for modern games, rather it presents you a vast range of options to choose any character of your choice. 

From the multiple characters list, you can select according to your personal preferences, gaming style, and any other special qualities that you want to see in your character. What makes the game more interesting is the availability of combats in different modes that provides you with variety.

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Further, there is so much to explore, like forests, dungeons, and castles. It will give you vibes of the actual world. With tons of VFX, SFX, and great terrain, you will enjoy medieval world life while living in the present world of technology. 

Another important feature of this game is the fascinating conversation between characters. A pop-up text will emerge whenever you want to communicate to another character in the game. Not only that, but it also included some POLITICAL CONVERSATION in the game so that to boost your strategic thinking. THUMBS UP!

2: Tactics V: Obsidian Brigade:

Next on the list of top games like Final Fantasy Tactics is Obsidian Brigade is developed by “Nothing Game Studio”. This game works on an ample variety of Platforms such as PC, PS4, macOS, Xbox One, and Switch. 

This game uses handcrafted 3D assets to fit a 2D isometric perspective. As a consequence, it gives a more dynamic portrayal to the characters and environment while retaining the older design of RPGs. 

The storyline of this game is like the previous one, involving medieval age characters and setting. A group of people known as Obsidian Brigade is under the game. They make their way to the kingdom of Auria, involving bloody battles with rivals’ clans. 

The exciting feature of this game is the availability of thirteen characters with almost fifty skills and 140 powers to unleash. With your PC, you can command their 3D actions in challenging tactics-based battles. 

This game will provide you with control over all characters. For almost 20 hours of gaming encounters, you can shape and mold characters’ actions, reactions, and targeting styles. 

3: Alvora Tactics

Alvora Tactics is another game similar to the Final Fantasy Tactic. It is a roleplaying game produced and developed by Rad Codex for Microsoft windows. 

It incorporates modern features into classic versions. The elemental interactions and Destructible terrain set the jungle ablaze with the magical fire. 

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It is the highly-rated Voidspire Tactics using the same mechanics, engine, and setting. The environment displayed in this game is partly procedurally generated and partly handcrafted. Thus, you can encounter multiple challenging battles while playing.  

Although the tactical combats are deep, yet they are straightforward and easy to understand. The fantasy setting is free of orcs, dwarfs, and elves. Further, you can create your unique party with a combination of 10 races, 23 classes, above 150 upgrade-able abilities. Also, you can utilize over 50 passives.


In all, if you want to experience other games similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, give a try to Alvora tactics, Obsidian Brigade, and vagrant story. These games are operating on Microsoft windows, featuring unique settings and characters.

Conquering the world, you will encounter blood-shedding battles while controlling your favorite characters gives you vibes of medieval time’s combats with sword, shield, and Alps. 

Apart from the aforementioned games, the list of other Final Fantasy Tactics similar games includes; Fell Seal: Arbiters Mark, Sword Legacy: Omen, Wargroove, Wildermyth, XCOM 2, Disgaea 5 Complete, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Wintermoor Tactics Club. 

Are there any other gems out there I have missed that could give me that Tactics fix? Let us know in the comment section so that I can update my article with the latest updates.

By Ashley